So, you’re looking to build your first website? I remember the good ol’ days! It’s been over 20 years since I took my first leap into the internet market – the great unknown at the time! Things have become far more complex than they were back when I first started. It takes more than just a flashy website and a small market niche to make it in todays industry. I am writing this article as a guide on building YOUR FIRST WEBSITE!

Focus on what you love doing

When I first started in this industry, I was a teenage boy that was obsessed with digital art and chat rooms. Through Networking I was able to communicate and learn from other graphic artists that were doing big things that I was interested in. You should always focus on what you love doing the most and incorporate it into your first website. Whether it be for your business, or for your personal project – always stay focused.

Do your research

It is important that you spend some time looking around and gathering some important information before you jump into launching your first website. Although it may seem simple enough, it’s not. There are important factors that can make or break you and unfortunately, the learning curb is very steep.

Know your audience

The major part of running a success business, or personal project is how you project yourself to the outside world. It’s easy to build a website, but without proper planning and careful execution, your first website will become a paperweight on the web and generate 0 traffic or leads.

Stay up to date with current design trends

Your first website should be aimed to grab the full attention of your target audience. Sites should be built to reflect your goal and make it easy to find. 75% of the people that are viewing your website are viewing it from a mobile device. It’s smart to build responsively and avoid cluttered content.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

I will be making a few follow up videos/articles to this one in the near future. For now don’t be afraid to ask any questions





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