5 Reasons Why We Use WordPress

WordPress has taken the Web Design world by storm in the past 14 years. Originally developed in 2003, WordPress has become the most popular Content Management System(CMS) in the world. Today, it is used by nearly 75 million websites around the world and continues to grow in popularity.

1. Ease of Use

Whether a professional web developer, or an average joe: WordPress’ built in interface gives you the ability to add, edit, or remove content very quickly and with ease.

2. Great for Social Media

WordPress offers a wide variety of helpful tools that help build and maintain a strong Social Media presence. Staying connected with your Social Media audience is very important in todays industry.

3. Great for Search Engines

Combined with a professionally built layout and a proper Search Engine Optimization, the Content Management System will do a phenomenal job of getting your website indexed by Search Engines.

4. Security

The developers of WP are constantly working on better ways to improve it’s security. With frequent updates available to download for your website, we assure you that your website will always be up to date with today’s most powerful online security features.

5. Small and powerful

With thousands of themes and plugins available for download, the customization options and endless. With WordPress being an Open Source platform, it has a massive following of developers that continue to work around the clock on improving the CMS.  With websites ranging from, Blogs, Online Stores, Government, Media, Small Business, Large Business, Social Media, etc. WordPress can do it all.

WORD OF CAUTION: Building a website can be tricky – just one mistake can cost you thousands of dollars and a leave you with really bad migraine! It is best to leave the building process to the professionals.




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